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In her work Annett Zinsmeister focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, and cultural studies. She creates large-scale installations, conceptual and built spaces, photography, drawings, films and collages as well as texts. She merges theoretical research with conceptual art practice but with an extra-ordinary effect: her work has a tremendous immersive impact on the viewer.

Her installations are realized to challenge human perception, unexceptional habits, the antagonism of utopian ideas and the social and built reality. Annett Zinsmeister works open new perspectives on unrevealed potentials of disputatious and abondened spaces and initiate processes of urban interventions and transformations.

The artist fathoms communication, social interaction and the meaning of transformation of urban space in her fascinating search for identity. Recurring fundamentals in her oeuvre are for example the use and creation of modular principles, multiples, structures, patterns; as well as the artistic play with utopian models and avantgarde space concepts.

Annett Zinsmeister is driven by the belief in interdisciplinary communication and interaction, aiming to bring people together and involve them into a vivid dialogue. Her oeuvre has been published in well-known magazines, art catalogues and books. It has been shown in international solo and group exhibitions and is part of international private and public collections as MoMA in New York.


since 2010 Member of German Artist Union

since 2002 Art works in private and public collections -> art

since 2000 Teaching positions in Universities and Art Academies -> teaching

since 2000 Publications in professionel journals, science anthologies, catalogues and own editions > publications

since 1997 Projects and international exhibitions -> exhibitions

1997 Graduated at Hochschule der Künste Berlin (University of Art + Design Berlin)

1990-96 Studies in Art, Architecture and Media Theory at University of Art + Design Berlin & Humboldt-University Berlin


Awards (selection):

Zur Startseite2018 Grant Schlesinger Foundation artist in residence, Switzerland

Zur Startseite2017 Grant Villa Lena Foundation artist in residence, Italy

Zur Startseite2014 Grant by Ministry of Cultural Affairs Germany Cité des Arts Internationale de Paris artist in residence, France

Zur Startseite2005 Grant Academy Schloß Solitude Stuttgart / Germany

Zur Startseite2002 Grant Postgraduate scholarship of the State Thüringen, Germany

Zur Startseite2001 Grant Schlesinger-Stiftung artist in residence, Switzerland

Zur Startseite2000 2nd Prize in the Competition for the redesign of Plattenbausiedlung Hellersdorf, Berlin / Germany

Zur Startseite1999 1st Prize ring Suisse Art Award

Zur Startseite1999 1st Prize in the Competition for new housing landscape Ramsteinweg, Berlin / Germany

Zur Startseite1998 4th Rank in the international Competition Europan 5: travel & proximity, new housing landscapes in Guben & Gubin, Germany / Poland

Zur Startseite1995 2nd Prize (no 1st Prize) designcompetition for Plattenbau Berlin / Germany


Public Collections (selection):

MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York / USA

Art Collection of Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin / Germany

Karl Ernst Osthaus - Museum, Hagen / Germany

NBK - Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin / Germany

About Change Collection, Munich / Germany

Organisations (selection):

since 2010 Member of Deutscher Künstlerbund (German Artist Union)

since 2002 Member of Werkbundarchiv - Museum der Dinge Berlin / Germany

Expertises (selection):

2018 Member of the jury for Max Taut Prize, together with Monica Bonvicini, Ingeborg Kuhler, University of Art + Design Berlin, Germany

2012 Expertise on behalf of Nationalfonds of Switzerland

2012 Reviewer on behalf of Technical University Graz, Austria

2011 Expertise on behalf of University of California, Davis USA

2011 Reviewer on behalf of Technical University Cottbus, Germany

2010 Expertise on behalf of Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft DFG, Germany

2010 Expertise on behalf of Braunschweigischen Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft, Germany

2009 Evaluation comittee on behalf of the President of TU Darmstadt, together with Prof. Dr. Klaus Bollinger, Prof. Dr. Johannes Cramer, Prof. Dr. Thomas Jocher, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Germany

2008 - 09 Consultant at German Bundestag in Berlin, Germany

2008 Member of the jury for digital sparks 06 - competition for mediaprojects in art, design, architecture, intitiated by MARS-Exploratory Media Lab Fraunhofer-Institut for Mediacommunication in cooperation with Ars Electronica Linz, Austria

2007 Member of the jury for themedia Art Award Expanded Media together with Olia Lialina + Augustin Gimel at wand 5 - Filmfestival & exhibition at Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

2006 Member of the jury for digital sparks 06 - competition for mediaprojects in art, design, architecture, intitiated by MARS-Exploratory Media Lab Fraunhofer-Institut for Mediacommunication in cooperation with Ars Electronica Linz, Austria

2006 Member of the jury for BdB prize Wuppertal, Germany

2003 Member of the jury for digital sparks 06 - competition for mediaprojects in art, design, architecture, intitiated by MARS-Exploratory Media Lab Fraunhofer-Institut for Mediacommunication in cooperation with Ars Electronica Linz, Austria

2001 Member of the jury for the evaluation of label bauhaus dessau, together with Prof. Achim Heine (UdK Berlin), Prof. Rido Busse (HfG Ulm), Prof. Dr. Heinz Hirdina (KH Berlin) initiated by Design Center Sachsen - Anhalt, City Dessau & and Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Germany

collaborations / references (selection):

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